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A Kid’s Life With Type 1 Diabetes

mayo 24, 2018

This is my family this is my dad this is my mom listen to me listen David this is our dog Frankie she’s very funny whoo he’s 36 years old my brother she’s five years left sometimes he did a little fun handshake who’s there like this see this is just your typical little girl which is really cool because he does even positive words for her she’ll actually explore very curious she likes to make things pretty fearless creative fast smart devious silly childlike cute extremely cute so this is my first child she never cried we could take her anyway I mean just the perfect perfect baby so much so that we got pregnant with David that’s when she started exhibiting symptoms it wasn’t until after we had David that she got really sick and she was admitted into the hospital where she was diagnosed our daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes it became pretty stressful during that time so I was sleep-deprived because of a newborn and then I was sleep-deprived because I was checking her in the middle of the night as well my finger I grabbed my needle thing and then I poked myself she knows what to do she gets her meet her out she checks herself in class Davies like a medical condition that some kids some people have in sometimes kids one of my concerns is that she can dose herself and make a mistake my concern is more of the thickness itself there’s still risk factors that could still happen I haven’t forgotten about them and I hope they don’t happen I hope this is a way that it doesn’t happen but that’s always hit me to stick around and that’s still a concern but I feel a little bit more comfortable because on the pump now the best around a lot of people know what to do when something goes wrong the pump has made great difference in her life and it’ll automatically dispense the insulin so it’s a lot more discreet and the older she’s getting the more she knows how to use it if I were to meet a family with a newly diagnosed child the types one I would say just hang in there it gets easier it just becomes second nature it’s not easy but it will come and just keep at it I like to do a go sort system I like to read I like to play do you like to brought these clay thing no kind of stuff like that I made a penguin this is a parrot I made an octopus here’s the baby bird he came out of his egg three weeks ago here’s our dog slinky I decided that when I grow up I’ll be a landscaper a kid her age is really interested in that what I take her biking look at that we always look for any kind of waterfall really a landscaper job that I visualize in my grandma’s house right here I’m standing in front of my grandma’s house with the river leading up to here after it gets to here the water would come all the way to here too and maybe a big pond right here with an apple tree on the side a little bitch supposed to be a little bush there as long as she maintains and checks herself she couldn’t lead a normal life I think it’s a real improvement but for what it is right now she can do anything she wants and she’s starting to realize that I can go anywhere now I can even sleep over at Mikey’s house even though she’s in Sacramento

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