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Kids & Diabetes: How Much Is That Candy Worth?

abril 26, 2018

You’re ready for a snack maybe yeah well look at this array of lovely snacks what do you think reefer snack what do you like do you have any favorites KitKat they’ll last a long time so don’t insult the Twinkies they’re gonna outlive us home the Oreos you’re pointing at almost everything okay is that your favorite thing on the table yes I’ll make you a deal you’re even after pay for these with money so what would be the size you’d want to choose when you want to get the little one all right I’ll hold that until you until you pay for it without money okay you get to go with a small one all right look at that we’re going right down the line and what eat what size would you like king-size oh sure why not you want the king-size okay so I’m putting you down for a king-size here’s the deal we’re not gonna ask for money you’re gonna pay for it by burning the calories then you would consume by eating this all right I can get you kicked cats for no money but you have to pay in calories do we have any calories in your pocket it’s kind of an exciting proposition isn’t it okay well that’s just going to be five minutes for you and Alex for you that’s going to be 15 minutes running in place you like to run in place you like to run a place a lot you really like to run in place because you’re doing it for 30 minutes go over and get on your mat who had the medium that for running in place is 15 minutes fair enough we have a deal yeah all right over to the master go begin there you go get those knees up get those knees up don’t skimp on your calories now I hate to be a stickler but payment is payment right calories or calories and you’re running like about a half marathon today because you got another 14 minutes to go well you’re a well here let me hit pause you’re at 2 minutes 31 seconds so you would have to do another oh I don’t know a double what you’ve done so far how many minutes do you think you’ve done so far Sasha you’ve done two got some time here so keep going you go you’re doing great you’re doing a good job hi I’m dr. Kimberly dawn wisdom children are the fastest growing segment of our population affected by diabetes one of the key messages that we share is the 5 to10 message and that is the importance of consuming 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day limiting your recreational screen time to two hours or less per day being involved in 1 hour of physical activity per day and consuming zero sugar added beverages remember your doctor or health care provider is a great partner your wellness journey and most of all be mindful and live well

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