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mayo 24, 2018

We’re filling the pod with insulin now we’re making here quick haha right you know we’re there hey guys it’s me and my really good friend Dana and we are going to a dance convention this weekend we’re gonna dance it up Dana’s an amazing dancer she does like ballet and modern and stuff we have to roll around the floor and look beautiful and graceful and I don’t do graceful very well so quick but we are gonna have a lot of fun and we were just discussing the fact that we are gonna embrace our skills and learn without comparing ourselves to the other dancers that is what we will do this weekend it is what we’re gonna do and we’re gonna just be okay with where we’re at yes really not five anymore ready the fun ones yeah everyone’s gonna want to be around this heck yes operation not being intimidated by all the other dancin dancers is in effect so here we go Dana are you ready I’m ready she’s ready April are you ready ready yes here we go we’ll report back to you how it actually goes I’m not gonna promise there will be no tears but we will get through this together yeah yeah together I don’t want you to call that chick everything yeah I acted in doing what hip or just do with no hands like that Oh like just a normal one hand etcetera so okay but then right behind my back it’s fun to jump back and forth like this daddy yeah be the tickle monster oh my daddy’s a crocodile in the middle right little duckies or something I’m around you have to trip us or anything to get us and bring us in I start tickling it until we say mercy I cut get out I’m a little just by finger okay how do I get you again okay I know Boise won’t reach me oh mercy I said mercy he’s not tying me free I figure oh that’s trying some trampoline boarding tricks oh oh that’s pretty good yeah well it’s nice you grabbed oh yeah hey so this is the trick you should try this is a person either this info for a z21 oh my god stuck in a second as was drawing the circle for our game I’m home from dancey-dance and it was so much fun it was really really great and it was really hard and challenging but it was so fun and I think just going in with the attitude of like really wanting to learn and not trying to compare yourself to the other people who’ve been dancing I was like really important and so I just went with the attitude of like I’m going to learn and it’s gonna be really fun and it was so fun I’m really glad I got the opportunity I hope to go to another one some days I’m soon because it was great oh yeah Gaber being home with my kids though so Anna is playing what are you playing Lord of the Rings Online I just joined it yeah so she’s playing that and she was like you stand as you as a bear I am cereal is bunny yeah for now I’ll probably change what are you guys doing um I’m trying to register Aspen for diabetes camp tomorrow I’m going to the Barbara Davis center again to get her actually using insulin in her pump yay yes but I don’t wash outs no more shots so guys this is a little bit of footage from the livestream you guys wanted to be on the vlog and so I videoed the chat screen who you are all right somebody asked what camera we is we use the canon g7x aspen guess what time it is my wrath lands a shot every time yeah this is like your last time for Lantis until for some reason you have to take the pump off you excited about this alright since its last one should we show everyone will you do it just kidding sorry guys can’t show you this shot but we’re super excited that tomorrow Aspen is switching to the insulin in her pump which is going to make her life so much easier so we’re super excited about that I have the Omni park actually delivering insulin instead of sailing so I’m gonna go give her on her last ever mantis shot alright guys this is the needle I just used to give Aspen her last line two shot sharps container be using this a whole lot less drop it in put the lid on the little one and then yeah pick that needles no more of you for a long time I hope goodbye needles goodbye hey guys we’re on our way to the Barbara Davis Sara Aspen what you doing ah ran away the Barbara Davis center to get Aspen started insulin in her pump are you excited do you know what that means right yay no more shots husband where are we Barbara Davis Aspen style Sean is here and Sean has his bump on he all right Sean guard this box I’ll be right back we’re filling the pod with insulin don’t don’t down do you want to fill it just straight out here yeah I would leave it in there so that you can go 90 degrees and put your finger close your screw down the pod now we keep said where you want to put it hope yeah so we’re just going to be just nice and relaxed which is supposed to get straight on the back we’re making here click nice shame of lunch see that that silencer went in you can hold your arm back here unless you see the cannula here okay perfect so you say is it inserted properly would say yes high-five you’re on a pod with insulin I anything to say about that Espen are you gonna miss doing the Sharpe stance haha wish I could still do it when she fills her pods cuz she has to throw away the needle that’s – all right Aspen is honor is look like it’s actually pumping insulin are you so excited she’s so excited she is Wow are you so excited I’m in the middle again oh my goodness she is super stoked right now I can tell she’s so excited that she has forgotten how to look up from her iPod it’s a sign parents out there if you ever have a kid and their face is stuck looking at their iPod they’re probably just super excited all excited about a huge life-changing change to their health care are you gonna miss the shot so much yeah me neither asked him what are you looking for a what oh these are cute ones she’s like her dad I’m the same way I do not like thinking if there’s light but my sleep masks are not this cute oh that goes good with your jacket are you gonna sleep in that jacket what does the Fox say come on ring ding ding a key key key is a big good quality woman you see I have the power to resist even even the cuteness of Aspen I can resist it and if you win your prize is amazing I’ll goodness being into is a vision so we just did lunch and it was awesome because we didn’t have to give her a shot and we just put in the stuff in our little PDM and it gave her what she needed and then she decided to have something else and we just put the extra carbs in her in her ppm and was amazing where she would have normally had to have two shots for what we just did like had no shots your sentiments it was super awesome I’m really excited about difference this is going to make gahafer technology gave technology thundersnow is my favorite it doesn’t happen very often but occasionally it’ll be like I don’t know if you guys have ever experienced this to be like a thunderstorm where there’s lightning and thunder but instead of rain it’s snow that’s going out it’s very cool when that that happened that is what is happening right now it’s not ideal for driving but it is really cool and this like snow pellet not really like no wait like hey hello it’s like like rosin snow frozen rain frozen it’s like it’s snowing snowballs to the sunlight it’s like like no butter thunder thunder snow thunder snow and lightning very very frightening we were just looking outside and there is totally pigs in our neighbor’s yard I think there’s Animal Control trying to catch a hole here together let me see if I can zoom in see them coming a hold the camera steady there behind the truck right now see it right there can you zoom it anymore next to the truck no we should go out to the fence and just clap when she catches Bo look at him you see him to me there’s the two pigs I don’t control car pigs you know I kind of wish I had pet pigs or you got home today the kids are all excited they’re like we got some really good vlog footage and apparently there was a pig disturbance in our neighborhood some pigs have gotten free from their Pigpen apparently and they were in our neighbor’s yard and Eli said some older woman was on the phone and like trying to herd the piece the animal control lady was trying to herd the pigs while on the phone and stuff it sounds very exciting I mean you see a lot of deer around here and even foxes and raccoons and that’s about it though and squirrels and bears occasionally but pigs but pigs is a never have seen in this neighborhood before so that’s a no idea sheep yes someone has a sheep and they walk it like on a leash yeah and so occasionally occasionally they’ll take it for a walk and we’ll be like well there’s the sheep out for a walk and we’ve seen horses too so pigs is now another you know for our animal bingo can check off pigs oh my gosh this is the sunset we’re getting tonight so there’s just enough like of this weird snow to cover to cover the ground and the trees and make it so beautiful and then like this sunset ah it is so beautiful I love living here amazing alright guys thanks so much for joining us again and a huge thanks to all of you who joined us for the live stream on Monday night that was super fun we love interacting with you and answering all of your questions we’re going to be doing another live stream this Saturday at 10 a.m. mountain time our hope is it for a bunch of you in the rest of the world it won’t be the middle of the night that way so if you like this video give it a big thumbs up share it with your friends if you’re not part of the dáil tribe yet make sure you hit the subscribe button we love you guys and we’ll see your really really soon

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