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What is Diabetes Video… for kids

abril 26, 2018

hi I’m Emily and I’m Jacob have you ever heard the word diabetes perhaps you’ve heard people talk about it maybe even know someone who has it diabetes is a common disease that can affect kids of all ages and many adults there are actually two types of diabetes type 1 type 2 diabetes you may have heard some grown-ups talking about having diabetes this is usually type 2 diabetes and a person has type 2 diabetes the pancreas that big organ x2 the stomach can usually still make insulin but just not enough or there is some reason that the insulin can unlock the cell door people with type 2 diabetes can control it by eating a healthy diet exercising regularly and taking pills that can either help the pancreas make more insulin or make the insulin work better we’re here to tell you all about what type 1 diabetes is and help you understand it you can’t tell by looking on the outside people with diabetes look the same as you and me on the inside however their bodies are parts that don’t work properly or sometimes don’t even work at all kids with diabetes have some pretty important stuff they have to do to make sure they feel well and stay feeling we’re going to take the next five minutes or so the show and tell you all about how people with type 1 diabetes take care of themselves after the video is over you’ll be getting a little workbook you can go through it with your classmates teacher mom dad brother sister anyone if you have more questions when you eat your stomach digests or breaks down your food small enough so it can be sucked up in your bloodstream part of this broken down food is called glucose basically it’s a type of sugar in your bloodstream there are hungry cells that want to gobble up the glucose this gives your cells energy to do their jobs to get the glucose into the cells you must have insulin insulin is a hormone or a protein made by the pancreas the very large organ next to the stomach insulin works like a key to open the cells and let glucose in the pancreas is of people with type 1 diabetes don’t make any insulin without insulin cells would not get fed and all the glucose would stay in your blood causing high glucose levels not good this high level of sugar in the blood is what makes your friends with diabetes feel sick and over time can lead to serious health problems simply put diabetes means your body can’t use the food you eat so a person that this disease has a broken pancreas so no insulin is produced and the insulin can’t open the cell and the cell can’t eat the sugar think of it like driving a car no gas no go if diabetics don’t take really good care of themselves they can become very sick it’s a lot of work but the good news is for kids with diabetes most of the time they can run around like crazy just like you the reason why some children develop diabetes while others don’t is not very well understood yet that is why research is so very important in finding the cause and the cure when a kid is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes they will have to take infant for the rest of their lives insulin has to be given by an injection with a needle or with the use of a device called a pump which looks like a cool paper these days there are a lot more ways kids with diabetes and take care of themselves like needles that look like pens finger pokers that are much smaller and hurt a lot less injections are usually given at least two times a day before breakfast and dinner sometimes more needles are necessary depending on the person’s schedule people with pumps are connected constantly with their insulin supply and just push a button to give them some more insulin before meals this is another way some kids can get insulin without having to give themselves injection after injection as small as a pager this personal computerized device acts like a normal pancreas you have your own little gas count of insulin that’s plugged into you you still have to do your finger pokes throughout the day but the pump can provide better control of the glucose levels more flexibility and more independence it doesn’t matter whether they use a pump or have needles these kids must check their blood sugar levels by poking their finger at least four times a day to do a blood test you poke the fingertip with a sharp thing called The Lancet then press the finger gently to push out a drop of blood next touch the blood to a test strip that’s in the handy-dandy electronic meter within seconds you can see what your blood sugar levels are and determine what they need to be people diabetes may have to take a needle while at school poke their finger to test their blood eat snacks too no one else can or can’t eat snacks and everyone else can one of the most most most important ways to take care of diabetes is to live a healthy life that means making healthy food choices keeping a schedule for eating enjoying lots of exercise plenty of fresh air and lots of cheerful smile hey that’s good for anyone who wants to be healthy including you and other people who don’t have diabetes with diabetes when you exercise or play sports and you are playing hard sometimes really hard that can affect your blood sugar level and remember your blood sugar level determines your energy level for kids with diabetes sometimes this means eating before the big game like an apple or an orange it also means they will need to check their blood sugar levels by poking their finger again a normal pancreas with automatically lower insulin for extra exercise and raise it for extra food but with diabetes you got to do it all yourself and then there are other times for example when your teacher your mom is handing out treats and you’re diabetic friend won’t be able to eat them at the same time as everyone else this is because their blood sugar levels may be too high to risk having more glucose produced or it is just not their time to eat this means no treat now save them for later kid 2 diabetes are just like everyone else and because they have to look after themselves a little differently it’s important we know why now don’t you think it’s a good thing that you’re aware of why and what should the diabetes are doing and that’s why we are telling you all this because you can help by being a good friend and being a good friend means if you know your friend or classmate how to diabetes and seems in some way to be struggling or not feeling well all of a sudden get your teacher go telling Adam right sometimes not very often a person is diabetes blood sugar level can either drop or rise too quickly and then suddenly don’t feel so long and how it can help them to feel better symptoms of high blood sugar can include sleepiness and blurred vision and symptoms of low blood sugar can include sweating headaches dizziness and trembling there’s a lot more information in your workbook what’s important is that caring people know about it and know what to do and it’s not just knowing what to do at school it’s on camping trips sleepovers going to the movies and out for dinner anytime anywhere well we hope that you understand type one diabetes a little better remember you have your workbook that you can talk about with your friends and family for kids with diabetes it’s a bit of a balancing act but it can be done and with your understanding we can make it that much easier this little girl is ten months old I’m 41 she’s about a foot and a half tall I’m six foot eight 315 pounds as you can see diabetes affects everyone I’ve had diabetes for almost 17 years but having it gave me the chance to help produce this video today it can be a hassle sometimes but I can take care of it I have had type 1 diabetes for 3 years I do 6 needles and poked my finger 4 times a day I want to cure because I don’t want any other person to go through what I’m going through right now we are both insulin dependent diabetic she takes 8 pokes a day and 2 needles I take 5 forks a day and eight needles along with five pills I’ve had diabetes for six years I hope my fingers four times a day I wear an insulin pump I want to care because I don’t like having needles I’ve had diabetes since I was five years old I was like you care because I don’t like how my blood Sugar’s feeling when they are high or low hi my name is Scott not I have to do did three needles of insulin every day I thought diabetes since I was three and a half I want a cure because I don’t I do not like how it feels when my sugars goes low when I play soccer or hockey I take four to five needles daily and I poke my finger at four to six times daily to get my blood sugar my favorite sport is ring it and I play piano too I want to care for diabetes because diabetes requires a lot of hard work every day I have to monitor what I eat when I eat and how much I exercise diabetes doesn’t take holidays ever I’ve had that be used for seven years I take my poop four times a day and I do my insulin three times I want to cure because I’m 11 years old and I’ve had diabetes for two years I poked myself four times a day and I want a cure because I don’t want diabetes anymore I gave myself three needles a day and poked myself four times a day I would like a cure because complications are on my mind all the time and I always feel like something is on my back I feel worried and whenever I go onstage I’m always nervous or sometimes afraid that I’m gonna go low onstage and crash we need to find a cure because kids deserve to be kids thank you you see thank you

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