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What is Type 1 Diabetes? Diabetes explained for children – Ask Dr.Smarty

abril 26, 2018

Hello there welcome to the desk of dr. smarty a growing library of information dedicated to educating you and your family on the world of health and wellness oh great a question has just come in dear dr. smarty during basketball practice my friend Pam usually has to eat a snack she said it’s because she has type 1 diabetes could you explain what this means from Angela d in Maine I’d be happy to Angela this is my granddaughter Laura like Pam she also has type 1 diabetes in fact thousands of kids all around the world are living with diabetes and I able to live happy and healthy lives to better understand it let’s take a look at what happens when you eat food when you eat food your digestive system breaks it down into nutrients that help keep you healthy and strong these nutrients are broken down even more into a sugar called glucose which makes its way into your small intestines think of glucose as tiny balls of energy your body uses to keep on moving while your body digests your food your pancreas which is a large flat gland found right behind your stomach makes and releases a hormone called insulin insulin meets glucose in your small intestines which is a long skinny tube in your stomach that lets nutrients get into your bloodstream once insulin the glucose are in your bloodstream your heart pumps it all around your body through your veins why is this important well think of insulin as the keyholder glucose needs to get inside your cells once glucose enters the cells it energizes them helping to keep you up and running happy and healthy but for people with diabetes their body either cannot make insulin or can’t use it the right way because of this the glucose builds up in their bloodstream and can make them sick this is called having an autoimmune disease which means your body is fighting against itself when someone has type 1 diabetes it means two things the first is that their body cannot create insulin the second is that their body cannot control the amount of insulin in their blood this means their body isn’t as energized as it should be they need to get insulin every day by getting small painless shots are from an insulin pump ok here we go hey don’t worry now doesn’t hurt a bit kids with type 1 diabetes also need to check the amount of glucose in their blood every day to check this level they need to take a teeny tiny droplet of blood don’t worry it doesn’t hurt and put it into a device called a glucose smear the drop goes in and bam it tells us the number the perfect number is between 80 and 120 if the number is higher than 120 don’t worry all it means is that you need to take some insulin if the number is lower than 80 it just means you need to eat something depending on this number they may also need to eat more snacks during the day and visit the school nurse to take insulin especially before lunchtime they should also take care to get plenty of exercise and see their doctor regularly to make sure they are in tip-top shape but of course we should all be eating well playing often and keeping our bodies healthy as you can see kids with type 1 diabetes can run play and smile just like you and me do you have a question for dr. smarty leave us a comment send us a message or tweet it to ask dr. smarty and be sure to like follow and subscribe to keep up on all things doctor smarty

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