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Dumb Shit People Say To Type 1 Diabetics

abril 30, 2018

Hello guys happy Friday hope you got a good week it’s the weekend which is fantastic and it’s time for a brand new video as I’m sure most of you guys are aware maybe some of you aren’t I am type 1 diabetic I’ve had it since April 2007 type 1 diabetes basically develops when the insulin producing cells are destroyed and they’re normally in your pancreas this means that the body is now no longer able to produce insert on its own essentially insulin allows the body to use the glucose as energy if you have any insulin that glucose builds up which leads to extremely high blood sugar levels in order to get the insulin I have to give myself around about 3 injections a day so since 2007 I’ve give myself just under 8,000 injections this video isn’t really about type 1 diabetes itself it’s about the dumb shit people say to take on diabetics like myself let’s begin one of the main things people say to me is oh so you can’t eat sugar what it’s not that I can’t eat sugar that doesn’t make sense I don’t get why that would happen I mean it’s just like a primitive way of thinking I take insulin so that I can essentially control my body if I had sugar I could have more insulin and I hope to have sugar I don’t – shut up a lot of people may know someone who has type 2 diabetes type 2 diabetes is effectively it generally comes about when you are overweight you have a poor diet lack of exercise that’s the kind of general reasons for type 2 diabetes which is completely different to type 1 diabetes because type 1 diabetes is natural I got it when I was 14 you cannot do anything about it it’s no way to stop it and so people will say oh I know someone with type 2 diabetes therefore I’m some kind of expert on diabetes and you’re not so please don’t go up to someone with type 1 diabetes and say oh I know someone with type 2 diabetes and then start talking about it you have no idea what you’re talking about because diabetes is in the bank rest people say why don’t you just get a new pancreas seriously first of all getting new pancreas is very difficult thing to do secondly normally like when you get a new pancreas it lasts 10 years like life-threatening surgery every 10 years let us make any sense I can control it with insulin don’t say to type 1 diabetic why don’t you get a new pancreas why don’t you guys get a new brain just after I was diagnosed someone who I knew said to me what could be worse you could have no no no cancer cancer is much worse than diabetes of course the diabetes is something that I go through every day of my life it’s behind everything that I eat have to think about everything I eat think about everything I do I’m going out for a run I have to think about how my blood sugar levels are going to cope it’s a tough thing to go through eventually it becomes almost routine but it’s still very tough so don’t say to someone or it could be worse because when you’re going through it everyday and you have to inject yourself every day yeah don’t say that a lot of people say well you’re not fat or they’ll say something like you don’t look diabetic what what do you put what what do you pee this is people thing they don’t understand the difference you can type 1 and type 2 diabetes and it’s a bit of an issue because whenever someone says oh you’re diabetic it’s put into this one category of type 1 and type 2 they just kind of join them together and they’re completely separate things I can do anything about my diabetes no Pepe will come up and say oh you’re diabetic you must have been your fault you must have ate too much you must you must have you know not exercised it’s offensive it’s really offensive to go up and say that to someone whenever you’re having a conversation with any kind of teenager about diabetes fucking Nick Jonas comes up there every time oh is that the disease dick Jonah says yes it is the same one now I very much appreciate everything Nick Jonas is done for the diabetic kind of community and all the research and everything but don’t have to bring it up every time you meet a diabetic please so those are a few things you don’t say you don’t say so you can’t need sugar you don’t ask them why you don’t get a new pancreas you don’t tell them they don’t look like a diabetic please don’t tell them it could be worse to act like you’re an expert in something you read and write anything about or any of you guys or girls type one diabetic and with the aggressive meeting people like that I think going to be filming lots of videos over the weekend so I may have more than two next week I might actually have three or four comment below like subscribe everything that’d be great and I will seize him back

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