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How I Discovered I Had Type 1 Diabetes!

mayo 27, 2018

Hey guys welcome to your type 1 diabetic friend I am Tim and it’s great to have you joining me on another one of my videos this time I thought I would chat about my story in terms of how I got diagnosed and how I came to discover I was diabetic and but before I do that I wanted to say how cool has been for me to be involved in the online community so far I’m relatively new actually on that whole online that beta community and particularly on Twitter I’ve been having our interaction with you guys and I just wanted to say that you guys are cool and it’s been really great I would encourage you guys watching us to get involved online because there’s a huge online support group and I think just chilling out relating to fellow fellow diabetics is what it’s about for me and it’s been really great so yeah thank you guys and haven’t been on Twitter as much as I would like to have because expecting a baby soon and has been sort of preparation or furniture and furniture building and all kinds of crazy stuff and this is also why this video is taking a while but anyway at least we are here so you guys did you like my dog sorry random so I thought I’ll just quickly share how I discovered well how I came to discover that I was diabetic and so I have been a diabetic since 1998 and that’s where I first discovered I was diabetic and the events leading up to my actual diagnosis were quite interesting I don’t know you know maybe a few got a few of you guys will have a summer story or will relate to this maybe not but Yara goes um so it was a cold winter’s night I don’t know it wasn’t actually I was in South Africa at the time

I lived in South Africa for most my life actually all my life but this was back in South Africa um for those of you don’t know I’m actually in London at the moment but so 1998 I was in South Africa and it was probably quite well not cold and but I remember joining their period quite I was 18 I was living at home but at that stage I was looking up to someone’s house I was house-sitting I don’t know if you guys I’m sure everyone looks after other people’s houses from time to time but I was looking after and a friends kind of friend of the family’s house it was just me on my own I think that was a map of Sunday now obviously I started to notice symptoms throughout quite a long period I would say probably about a three-week period where my symptoms if I look back I can I can see that I probably had something for about three weeks obviously when you go through it you’re not really sure but um I think this is kind of towards just when I got diagnosed but it was on the Sunday where I was looking after this house alone that I really felt really thirsty which I felt thirsty all the time but you know this day particularly it was the thing was a Sunday afternoon and I was just chilling out I was so thirsty so first thing I did is I went to the fridge and got a 1 liter coke down the coke not sugar-free which I’m actually a huge supporter of Diet Coke or Coke Zero or whatever else but anyway regardless of that and this was sugar full-on sugar coke I drank the one leader because I was so thirsty and I dress in a big packet of crisps and

I remember lying on the sofa or the cart and I passed out I was tight and I remember backing to wake up I was just like oh man I just struggled I had no energy and actually looking back it’s amazing that I did get up at all I’m considering I just my sugars were probably less sugar levels were probably ready stupidly high and I just drank like a whole liter of coke um anyway I got off the sofa eventually and I think I was going out that night and I made it to where I was going which was quite a big achievement looking back things could have been a lot worse if I never woke up potentially you never know if it anyway told us I’m all morbid but anyway then I think where things really kicked off for me was the next day um so at that stage my buddy and myself worked at the same company which is probably about I don’t know 11 or 12 miles away from my house and he came to pick me up on my motorcycle and we used to I had a motorcycle and actually still have a motorcycle here in London what love but anyway he picked me up on his motorcycle and we used to swap and that day he picked me up and I remember I was on the back of his motorcycle going on the motorway on the freeway and kind of like oh man I didn’t get enough sleep or whatever and I was like ready to doze off oh wait and before I get onto that step I’m really sorry sorry that this is all over the place but um just before that point actually while I was having breakfast that morning for some reason I picked up this like medical book that we had in the house that my folks had probably quite a thick thing really and I still to this day what prompted me to do this

I had never known what the symptoms of being diabetic were all about or anything but I got this book out and I went to the section on diabetes and as I read the symptoms of what it was to be a diabetic I was like yep yep yep I just kept taking all these symptoms often my you know as I was reading it was like well this is crazy um didn’t want to jump to conclusions but anyway then my mates came and picked me up on his motorcycle next so that’s where we are now anyway so we arrived at work that day what was I doing at that stage I think it was like some kind of data collection job nothing that exciting at that stage but one of my earlier part-time jobs um so arrived in the office there and I distinctly think then another thing that happened that was amazing is that I had this instinct not to have any sugar maybe it was because I read the symptoms and I was getting worried but that day I remember just actually I didn’t know having sugar would be that bad for me anyway I I just I just went cold turkey that day was sugar and I’ve got a incredibly sweet tooth and I still do as a diabetic but anyway so I had nothing that they I just drank lots of water because I was thirsty all the time we had about five o’clock we we headed home and again I was on the back of my mates bike where do I hold it holding on the back and this time I do remember drifting off just for a few seconds at a time and thinking whoa man there’s this is just this bizarre um and so some of the symptoms obviously you know it got me so worried that when I did get home I remember going to the mirror and looking at my tongue in the mirror looking at what’s wrong with this thing it felt like my time was a sponge I can’t explain it I thought something was wrong with my time it was going to fall off or something obviously I had the classic symptoms of going to the bathroom and peeing a lot like crazy like five times a night six times a night I lost a lot of weight and as you can see I’m not the biggest guy anyway so that was crazy I was looking like a skeleton my eyesight went all funny as well like my short-sighted I slacked my long distance it felt like I just woken up and I had like sleep in my eye and I kept rubbing my eyes thinking wow

I just felt so tired enough trying to get trying to focus my eyes anyway so let’s look at some of my symptoms um so when I got home that night after that day of work I went to my parents and I went to my mom and I was like I think I might be a diabetic and their response was like yeah whatever typical teenage teenager you think you know everything kind of thing like whoa diabetic whatever obviously my mom went with me there was a by the time we went to the hospital was probably about half was eight in the evening we went straight through to A&E it was a private hospital which was you know in South Africa they’re very very nice and got to the reception they were friendly we explained that I had these symptoms and obviously I walked in there fine and I remember the first thing that happened was a nurse or doctor someone came along and it’s the first time I’ve ever used tester machine and I remember they you know they picked my finger and when on the machine and the reading came out is nothing really it was the system kind of gave an error she tried again and the same thing happened and I think what had happened is that much my blood sugar levels was so high that the machine just couldn’t I don’t understand you know I don’t know what’s going on the Machine didn’t pick up anything so I then had blood tests taken straight after that and then we were sent home while we’re waiting for the results and I was quite cool during this time I got a phone call from the hospital whatever half an hour later

I mean the hospital was about one and a half miles miles away from our house so it wasn’t far and yeah they phone and I said oh I think you got to come in you think your son’s diabetic um and obviously my mum told me and this wave of shock hit me but um actually it wasn’t too bad if I’m honest because I think I had this feeling anyway so wasn’t a complete shock anyway to cut a long story short and went back to the hospital gotta admit it straight away and was told that I was diabetic but quite I mean doctor you kind of put the fear of installed so much fear me that I thought my life was over and looking back now obviously it was ridiculous and so this ways and means of doing things doctors don’t always get it right but um anyway regardless of that I had actually had a good experience in hospital overall I remember getting on well for nurses and had to learn how to do my own injection my own shots before I left and all of that and then yeah that that was where my whole type addict journey started um I had about a year of a honeymoon period and I don’t wanna get into what a honeymoon period is but it’s just basically where your insulin Department almost goes down to zero and I was like okay cool it was only after that year off that got diagnosed where and obviously things ramped up big-time and I think my pancreas just was like I’m kind of dead which kind of sleeping sort of thing right now and yeah so anyway that’s my journey since then it’s been great I don’t want to tell you the story to be morbid I think maybe for some of you watching this might not be an eidetic you might even worry that you might have some symptoms of being diabetic my advice to you would be go and check it out it’s not going to hurt and for all you other guys out there who are diabetic I’d love to hear your story we’ve all got a story right and we all got back knows two different times and whatever different circumstances so anyway that’s my story um I really want to use it as an encouragement as opposed to our while you know for Tim not at all my life’s actually changed for the better being diabetic and I know that sounds crazy

I’m not one of these overly positive people anyway but it really has changed I think I’ve been lucky with discipline throughout my life since I’ve had it I’ve met cool people anyway there’s a lot of it I’ll do another video in terms of how diabetes has changed my life for the better obviously it’s sucks living with it each day I’m not gonna deny that and hate going low all kinds of things anyway but that’s master in a nutshell and reply to this video do a video response on YouTube to this video if you guys are keen to share your story or comment on the blog that’ll be great and yeah feel free to always be in touch and I hope to see you guys on Twitter again but I think my message right now is happy Christmas I hope you like my dog oops sorry I’m not actually aggressive I just that thing really irritated me trying to get it together anyway um have a Merry Christmas

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