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Living With Type 1 Diabetes

abril 30, 2018

Hey guys it’s ad why am i pointing my film hey guys it’s ad and today I’m going to be filming a super chill sit-down video because you guys have probably been seeing in the comments some questions like what is that block that you have on your hip which is like this thing I have shared with the internet that I do have type 1 diabetes and I’ve been getting so many questions on how I deal with dance how do I manage diabetes in my life how it makes me feel how to be confident with it diabetes is something that I have to deal with non-stop every single day yes it is a bit of a struggle and I was diagnosed a week after I turned 3 so I’ve had diabetes for around 12 years I do believe that I have a very healthy lifestyle although I can’t get rid of my type 1 diabetes just by doing that it is genetic it is a lot of pressure to explain everything that I want to explain right but Here I am I have it all planned out and I’m just going to tell you guys everything that I want to tell you about guys who you stay and watch this video thank you guys so much for clicking on this in the first place so let’s just get right into this video so the first thing I’m going to talk about is what is diabetes a lot of people are like oh you like diabetes like um what is that basically our bodies use glucose that we get from our food to produce energy so if you eat a piece of so your body produces a hormone called insulin and insulin converts the glucose that you get from your food into energy that you can use to dance and party your pancreas doesn’t produce insulin anymore so right now my pancreas doesn’t work and for type 1 diabetics their pancreas no longer can produce insulin so that is basically the key major features there’s a bunch of scientifical things that I’m not going to mention in this video i don’tá– for you guys but basically those are like the key things about diabetes though there are also two types of diabetes there’s type 1 and type 2 type 1 is one that I have it is genetic there is no prevention and there is no cure so even if you’re the cleanest most healthy eater in the world you can still get a pond ivy and there’s also no cure it’s okay guys it’s coming I see in the future my cloak goggles I’ve seen in the future and then there is type-2 diabetes that’s type 4 diabetes there’s no type 4 diabetes which is the most common type of diabetes it is basically caused by having an unhealthy lifestyle although it can be prevented by eating healthy being active just being like a healthy active person and it can be reversed but unfortunately you cannot yet get rid of type 1 diabetes so how do I as a type 1 diabetic get insulin because my pancreas doesn’t work how do I get insulin you know I get so many comments on it it is called an insulin pump and basically it is a little electronic device that has insulin inside of it and whenever I eat I enter how much insulin I want to put in and then the insulin will go right into my body and work like a pancreas so basically it’s a mechanical pancreas that is outside of your body and my pump is always attached to me at all times unless I take a pump holiday my family likes to call it and when I take a pop holiday I use my insulin pens they’re basically just like syringes that are filled with insulin that you can inject instead of having the tube that’s always connected to you for a pump you just inject the insulin manually so for taking insulin I will either use my insulin pump or injections if you look at it right like so much already and I’m going to a list of where I get my pump and my diabetes supplies down below please you guys have diabetes then you can just click that link and maybe got some of the same things that I use so it is very very very hard to much insulin with glucose it is a constant struggle like let me tell you there’s so many factors when it comes to matching and Splenda with the glucose but these are some factors that always influence how much insulin I take and how I take it the first thing is exercise I am a competitive dancer so I’m always doing exercise I will address my insulin according to that the second thing is stress I know last year when I was taking my exams I would go high or I dance competitions I would always go high because of the adrenaline so if you have diabetes you are like oh my gosh I just took a test and now I’m like so high it could be because of your stress and anxiety the third thing is food obviously a food is going to affect your blood sugar and it’s going to be very hard because some foods are very high in glucose and some foods are very fatty so they’ll come in a lot later and the last thing is hormones I am a teenager and hormones that’s a huge part of my life so when my hormones are acting up I do usually get a little bit of wonky blood sugars but those are the four main things that will make it hard for me to match my insulin to my glucose but there are too many things that have drastically and let me tell you drastically helps me match my insulin to my glucose the first thing is eating low carb I can’t stress this enough I recommend it to every single diabetic no matter your age no matter how long you’ve had diabetes for so um what I do is I don’t eat cereal don’t eat bread don’t eat crackers cookies cakes anything like that anything high carb I eat fruit sometimes but rarely I find that eating low carb definitely makes it easier to match this bike in the glucose after eating and it has helped my blood Sugar’s so much I don’t have those like spikes coming back down and then like up and down up and down and the second thing I do is I test a lot if you’re always checking your blood sugar to catch before you go high you can correct before you go extremely low you can eat something and honestly you’ll feel so much better when you’re in control of your glucose and you know exactly what your body is doing I’m gonna be honest it is hard to remember to test and it is so hard to be able to bring your test here everywhere what I try to keep my number between is three point eight and like five high five studies like my target range I use this thing called a continuous glucose monitor and it is a patch on my arm it is like a needle but it doesn’t hurt at all when it goes in this attaches to of this sensor it is called the free style Libre just had to change my life so much okay you hover it over the sensor that’s on your arm and it will test you and it will show you the graph of your blood sugars throats and days and you can see if you stayed in your target range all day which is so useful it’s also super portable so you can just like miss in your wallet in your purse in your bag and don’t be shy about your diabetes it’s nothing to be ashamed of you are not alone I have it and I still can do a youtube channel I can do competitive dance I can go out to movies I can live my normal life so I thank you guys so so so much for watching this video if you guys have any more questions leave them down below but I will definitely answer them this is a really important video to me and I hope that I could help some of you guys and let me know if you guys want some low carb snack ideas because I would definitely make a video on that I love you guys so much and I will see you in my next video bye because turn emotion I will be I’m hoping that you come back to me

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