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My Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis Story | An Inspiring Message

abril 30, 2018

It’s caught in crossfire house of God never wants to steal swayed from diabetic aesthetics just got done with an amazing leg workout that’s why I’m not sure it’s absolutely drenched in sweat but as I was doing my workout you know I had a lot going on in my head and I felt the need to make this video as soon as I was done my workout so here we are pulled out the camera I thought let me go ahead and share with you all what I’m thinking um I feel like I should have made this video a long time ago and you know this video is definitely long overdue on my YouTube channel a lot of you watch me and see where I am right now and you know who I am now and I haven’t been able to show you you know my struggles with type 1 diabetes growing up with it as a kid and I haven’t been able to share with you what how much I’ve struggled this illness stuff to get to where I am right now and you know a lot of you watch me and you see where I’m at right now and you might not be able to relate to me even type even diabetics out there because you may not be where I’m at right now and if you’re not that’s perfectly okay because just know that this takes so much time it took me years to get to her on that and that’s not just with my body but mentally and the way I managed my diabetes took me such such a long time and you know like I said I’ve been able to show you guys how I struggled with it growing up and how I became the person I am today by how I turned this negative thing into a positive thing so let’s start all the way from the beginning let’s take a step back I got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 4 years old I’m currently 20 years old and I’ve had it for over 16 years now so it’s a long long time but pretty much my parents took me to the hospital immediately after they noticed that I was using the bathroom a lot I’m talking about going like 2 3 times every five minutes you know had to pee literally every two three minutes so my parents knew something’s up with this guy we got to him the hospital so you know they got really scared I thought it might have been like a bladder problem or you know some type of canoe thing who knows but they took me the hospital and the doctors did a lot of tests on me and they ended up keeping me overnight and obviously my parents were pretty worried at the time and after that I think maybe the next day or the day after after a lot more tests keep in mind I was four years old guys I totally remember much but I do remember a little bit like using the bathroom a lot in a while but I do remember that a lot I had that problem the doctors came out to my parents and said I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes now coming from a family or growing up with a mother and a father that were so selfless they would do anything for their kids to be as healthy as possible and have nothing go wrong with their lives this was a complete shock to them you know my parents couldn’t believe it my dad literally couldn’t believe it actually funny story my father literally couldn’t believe the doctor he want to take you to ten other places you know and you know what that’s when the doctor really told my family that my life would never be the same again I would not be a normal kid living like I used to my parents also their lives changed because you have to realize and this goes to all parents out there too with newly diagnosed children you guys are brave you have a lot of courage you’re pretty much in a way diagnosed with diabetes – for a pretty long time because my mom had to learn everything she had to learn everything about me she had to wake up early make sure I got my insulin and I’ll stay up late make sure my blood sugars are good throughout the night always make sure my meals are timed right within my insulins always right my blood sugar always right my dad was always scared about my blood sugar ISM it’s crazy on them so all of you parents out there you know I know a lot of younger people watch my channel but also be thankful for your parents man you know they do the most for you and even me right now like I’m kind of freezing up right now because it’s kind of hitting me – you know thank you mom and dad love you guys like I’m so blessed to have people always just caring about me that much like I said I don’t know more selfless people so you know all your parents out there you’re doing the best but anyways my life changed definitely seeing all these kids by me doing what normal kids would do I had to avoid a lot of the stuff I had to really had a lot of willpower you with sweets and this and that and there’s a lot of stuff I really couldn’t enjoy as a child and that’s that was tough on a four-year-old five-year-old it growing up growing up until I really got developed my own mindset with it and that took a long time guys so obviously you know it wasn’t easy it wasn’t easy as well at all and you know that’s why I really got into health and fitness in the first place because I wanted to change myself but also this is something I think for my parents for two I remember my father would always plant the seed in my head that no matter what I had to do with my shots no matter how many times not to measure my blood sugar how many shots I have to take I was always not even normal I was better than normal and I could do whatever I set my mind to and he would always plant that in my mind he would always make let me do things that most parents probably wouldn’t let a type-1 diabetic do even as a child because he wanted me to really develop that at a young age and it really that molded me to Who I am today so also for parents out there to push your children push them to do the most out there and all you guys were diabetics you know challenge yourself don’t be afraid don’t feel different and let me tell you one thing you are different you’re much different you’re you’re better you know you got you got something you to learn so much from I wouldn’t be Who I am today with my data type one diabetes so anyways I’ve grew up with all of that and that’s pretty much really my story guys this was pretty much a shock to me too because I never had the type 1 diabetes really through my bloodline like this wasn’t a genetic thing none of my parents or my grandparents or any of my bloodline had type 1 or type 2 diabetes I was the first one to get it and I would like to say that I was the first lucky one to get it so I’m really thankful for that and I’m thankful for everyone who’s been on my side by my side and made me the person I am today that’s why also my message out there – you guys were type 1 diabetics I’m doing this video so I could relate to you all I know there’s a ton of people out there who are 20 years old being me like newly diagnosed 16 years old 18 years old 25 years old that might be watching me don’t be scared man I know you’re so used to living that normal lifestyle not having to worry about a thing or what you eat and all this insulin and carbs and all that stuff but it’s alright take it in soaking that knowledge dig deeper find out more about yourself this is something that made me figure out who I am literally my body is like any diabetics top body is like a laboratory it’s a new experiment is going on every single day and you’re learning something new so even take your failures take your mistakes as many victories because you learn from every little thing you go through so that’s my message to you guys were newly diagnosed you can do anything you put your mind to no matter what you know go out there learn more knowledge yourself about your own body because like I said this thing has been a blessing for me I have this channel to relate to everybody out there this goes for not just people with a sickness or illness like type one diabetes this goes for people with a past experience anything anything that you’ve been through in your life I never knew I could turn something so negative that I always grow up thinking that this was negative negative terrible you know my friends got to do this that I get to do that this then I can’t do any of that not they’re so negative but I finally learned how to turn it into a positive thing create new opportunities for myself to learn more to be be more because if I wasn’t a diabetic I don’t know what I’d be definitely wouldn’t be as much of an improvement of myself every single day as possible so you know that’s my story guys that’s my type one diabetes diagnosis story I really hope this is hopefully like an inspiring message to anyone out there going through anything like I said doesn’t just have to be a diabetic or you don’t have to just have a sickness or an illness it doesn’t matter what I hope this can relate to a little bit is why I’m doing this video so please if you enjoyed this or got anything out of it or if inspired you in any kind of way please make sure you give this a little bit this video like I want as much people see it as possible go ahead comment down below let me know your experiences with anything that’s changed you for the better you know doesn’t have to be diabetes doesn’t have to be an illness like I said it can be anything smaller big and of course don’t forget to subscribe to my channel don’t want to miss out any of videos to come really appreciate every single one of your support never goes unnoticed I’ll see you guys in the next video

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