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Bariatric Surgery for Type 2 Diabetes India

noviembre 30, 2018

A leading minimal access surgeon from India explains in this video about «New Diabetes Surgery», which is also known as «Diabetes 2 Surgery» because it is for diabetes type-2 patients. Surgeon explains the procedure popularly known as- «Ileal interposition» and states that it is specifically for thin diabetes type two patients.
Surgeon in this video also states that for obese type-2 diabetics, a bariatric surgery known as «Gastric Bypass» is considered which has so far shown no major problem and has given good results in lowering blood glucose level.
He explains that in «Ileal interposition», a small portion of the stomach is cut, after which Ileal is also cut and its position is interchanged with jejunum. Now, Ileal is connected to the stomach and food from stomach directly comes here. Ileal has GLP (Insulin tropic) hormone, which facilitates stimulation of insulin secretion in pancreas, bringing glucose level down in blood. This gastrointestinal metabolic surgery for diabetes is meant for type-2 patients and not type-1 patients.
Cost of diabetes treatment in India is affordable and diabetics especially from countries like US, UK, etc. can expect great amount of savings.
This video shows one of the leading diabetic surgeons from India explaining diabetic surgery and clearing many doubts.

Please click on the link mentioned above for more information on type 2 diabetes surgery in India.

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