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How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally and Kill the Beast — Death to Diabetes

diciembre 23, 2018
Type 2 diabetes is a complex, ferocious disease. It’s like a hungry Beast that destroys your organs one at a time.

Jack had been battling diabetes for 7 years, taking multiple medications as he struggled to contain the Beast.

But sooner or later, the Beast eventually wins, and this is exactly where Jack was headed.

You see, drugs may mask some of the symptoms, but they don’t treat the root causes of the disease…and they don’t stop diabetes from damaging your organs.

This is the Number 1 mistake that most diabetics make. They believe that because the drugs are lowering their blood sugar that the diabetes is under control. Nothing could be further from the truth?

Think about it. Have you ever seen someone who was taking diabetic drugs actually get better from taking the drugs? Unfortunately, the diabetes and glycated red blood cells continue to cause damage to the large and small blood vessels.

This can lead to complications like amputation, kidney failure, blindness, heart attack or stroke. Other health problems include obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cell inflammation, chronic fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, sexual dysfunction, and gum disease.

You may think the Beast is under control, but it’s always there…lurking…waiting in the background to pounce.

Jack, however, was lucky. His wife, Jen, was researching on the Internet and found a book called Death to Diabetes.

This book was written by an engineer (DeWayne McCulley) who was just like Jack until he was able to defeat the Beast and stop taking diabetic medication.

Jen convinced Jack to follow the simple plan laid out in the book, so Jack started to eat healthy foods, exercise daily and test his blood sugar regularly. After 3 months, Jack is feeling better and has more energy than ever. He’s lost that belly fat gut …and, most importantly, he’s gotten off those drugs.

Thanks to Jen and thanks to Death to Diabetes, Jack is now able to live the life he deserves.

And the Beast…well…may he rest in peace!

Join Jack and start reversing your Diabetes today.

Visit the Death to Diabetes website and download our free ebook now!

Sidebar from the Author of «Death to Diabetes»:
Hopefully, this video will help you recognize that Type 2 diabetes is a ferocious disease — a hungry beast that destroys your organs one at a time. And, because the Diabetes Beast is able to damage your body without causing much pain (if any), we tend to relax as the Beast silently destroys the blood vessels to our eyes, kidneys, feet, brain and heart. By the time, we recognize that the drugs haven’t helped to stop the progression of the Diabetes, it’s almost too late to stop it.

Fortunately, with help from my daughter, sister and mother, I was able to not only get the Diabetes Beast under control, I was able to reverse my diabetes and kill the Beast before it almost killed me.

I discovered during my research that the Diabetes Beast has specific strengths and weaknesses. Eating unhealthy foods (which I called the 5 «Dead» foods) help to strengthen the Beast. This allowed the diabetes to progress causing more damage to my cells, tissues and organs while accelerating me towards my impending death. Eating healthy foods (which I called the 5 «Live» foods) helped to strengthen me while weakening the Beast and, more importantly, stop the diabetes from progressing towards my impending death.

Now, you can do the same — you can get the Beast under control and reverse your diabetes in order to kill your diabetes before it kills you. Just follow the instructions in my free ebook to test the program or get my book (Death to Diabetes) to implement the entire program.

As a result, you get to kill the Beast and put the Beast in the graveyard — death to the disease — death to diabetes.

So, if you’re tired of taking a lot of drugs, do what thousands of other diabetics have done and get my book so that you can put the Beast in its place.

Learn more about how you can reverse your diabetes and get off the drugs by downloading my free ebook or by getting my top-selling Death to Diabetes book at:
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p.s. Almost everyone knows someone who’s diabetic. So, take a few minutes and share this with your family, friends and colleagues — they’ll be glad that you did … and, so will you …

And, even if you’re not diabetic and even if you don’t know anyone who’s diabetic, this wellness program will still help you with your health.


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