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Reversing My Type 2 Diabetes with LCHF

septiembre 10, 2018

Doug claims «I’m Reversing my Diabetes» with Metabolic Coaching! Arrange at http://MetabolicCoaching.NET. Citizen & Online Distance Metabolic Coaching Available. Join us for our monthly webinar or once a week local courses!

Offered by Doug Stone as well as Justin Anderson, MD

. Doug’s tale is comparable to that of several with Type 2 Diabetes. After 20 years of having the disease, he found himself with absolutely unmanageable blood glucose (hemoglobin A1c 11.3 and also fasting blood glucose in the 490’s). And also all this was DESPITE taking the MAXIMUM DOSE of 3 Diabetes Medications!

Luckily, Doug made a decision to take control of his wellness, and also he has had an AMAZING turnaround! And look at these numbers !!!

Hemoglobin A1c – from 11.3 to 6.0!
Not Eating Blood Sugars – from 490’s to 90-130
Diabetes mellitus Medications – from 3 (at max dose) to 0.5 (1/2 his metformin).
C-Peptide – from 5.3 to 2.3.
Fasting Insulin – 10 (normal).

Blood stress Medications – from 3 to 1.

GGT (liver enzyme) – from 120 to 65.
Triglycerides – from 490 to 112.

CRP – from 4.5 to 1.6.

Total Cholesterol – from 196 to 169.
HDL (GOOD) Cholesterol – from 35 to 48.
Triglycerides – from 490 to 112.

Listed below 300 for the very first time since he was 25 years of ages!
Shed 46 extra pounds and counting!


How is he reversing his diabetic issues? Doug maintains his everyday internet carbohydrate consumption to LESS THAN 20 NET CARBS PER DAY.

Because Doug is just what I call a «really metabolically immune» customer. I have actually discovered that individuals who have actually struggled with weight because very early in life, as well as those with kind 2 diabetic issues, typically require to reduce carbs to less compared to 20 net carbs daily to really «relocate the needle» and make progress in the direction of getting off their diabetic issues medications and shedding weight.

In enhancement to the health and wellness problems above, Doug dealt with HORRIBLE INFLAMMATION AND PAIN. «Before, I harm all over. My joints harmed. I had pain in my body mostly all the time. I was unpleasant. I couldn’t rise and down. It was simply excruciating to do simply ‘regular’ stuff. And also that boosted with the (aid of the local practical medication medical professional). It’s even a lot much better currently!».


» The initial point that occurred when I truly obtained right into exactly what we call ketosis, or when your body begins shedding fat for fuel instead of sugar, is that I’ve simply really felt FANTASTIC! All my inflammation went away.

Doug has actually lost 46 extra pounds so far, weight loss has truly end up being an additional motivation for him. Why? Due to the fact that he simply really feels a lot better on a Very Low Carbohydrate Ketogenic Diet!


– Once you’ve had a heart attack, an amputation, or kidney failing from type 2 Diabetes, you can’t return and simply «undo» the damage.

Nonetheless DIABETES itself IS REVERSIBLE.
– By taking on a Low Carbohydrate High Fat Diet Doug has stabilized mostly all of his markers for diabetes mellitus, inflammation and so on. This puts him at a lot reduced risk of establishing the issues of diabetes (cardiovascular disease, an amputation, kidney failing, blindness and so on.).
– And, as the ADA states, each decrease in hemoglobin A1c minimizes the danger of heart disease by 45%.» Just how does a decrease from 11.3 to 6.0 appearance for heart condition risk!

Schedule at http://MetabolicCoaching.NET. Citizen & Online Distance Metabolic Coaching Available. Join us for our regular monthly webinar or regular local courses!

This video clip shows an actual person, not an actor. He has actually NOT been paid or otherwise made up for his contribution to this video. This interaction is for educational functions just as well as does not make up medical guidance. Any kind of health and wellness and/or lifestyle modification program ought to be carried out just under the straight supervision of your doctor. Individual outcomes may differ.

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