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Top 20 Foods to Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

noviembre 15, 2018

Diabetes is a disease which affects your body’s capacity to produce or use insulin. Insulin is a hormone. When your body turns the food you eat into energy, insulin is released to help transport this energy to the cells. Insulin acts as a “key.”

Since the cells can’t take in the glucose, it builds up in your blood. High levels of blood glucose (sugar) can damage the tiny blood vessels in the heart, kidneys, eyes, or nervous system.

That’s why diabetes can eventually cause heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, blindness, and nerve damage to nerves in the feet.

Here are top 20 foods that lower blood sugar:

#1 Garlic

#2 Grapefruit

#3 Almonds

#4 Avocado

#5 Spinach

#6 Blueberries

#7 Pomegranates

#8 Chia Seeds

#9 Quinoa

#10 Chickpeas

#11 Red Cabbage

#12 Radishes

#13 Lemons

#14 Walnuts

#15 Broccoli

#16 Kale

#17 Oat Bran

#18 Lentils

#19 Onions

#20 Horseradish

Images – pixabay

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