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What I Ate in a Day! {Type 2 Diabetes}

mayo 24, 2018

Everyone Christmas Carol 86 here and a happy Wednesday to you I’m going to be sharing with you what I eat in a day I am a type-2 diabetic so if you’re interested in seeing an example of what I eat in a day then this is the video for you so this is a typical breakfast for me I have my pills here because I am diabetic I have pills that I need to take on a daily basis so why not show that I take them in the morning it is Tuesday when I’m filming this Wednesday when I’m uploading and for breakfast I have 100 calorie Greek yogurt and the carb content on that is let me see here total carbs is 13 grams there and then I have a little French pastry from Aldi and the total carb on this is 22 and then I have two hard-boiled eggs and sometimes I eat one with my breakfast and then one is like an early morning snack or if I’m feeling really hungry that morning I’ll just have the two plus B’s and it really just depends today I plan on eating both of them because I’m really hungry I woke up hungry and that’s just what happened sometimes hey guys I’m at work I’m going to show you what I’m eating for lunch really quickly today has been an insane day and it’s now 1:10 which means I’m off schedule with my eating and if you’re diabetic you know that that’s not a good thing so let me show you the meeting real quick so that I can divert it okay so I made myself a turkey sandwich with Swiss cheese and there’s lettuce on that as well and veggie straws because I can have one ounce of veggie straws and it’s only 16 grams of carbohydrates so this is less than that it should be around 10 grams and apple slices this is less than half of an apple because an apple a small ones about 15 grams of carb and then I have to eat in a little while I’m not actually eating this with my lunch all right it is finally dinner time it is 5:18 and I’m going to show you what I am eating for dinner and yeah that’s pretty much it okay so this is the much-anticipated Mexican pizzas and they smell delicious if you are interested in the full recipe video I will have it up on Friday so for all those that were asking it will be up on Friday don’t forget to watch with this so I have two of these and these are the smaller tortilla shells so not a huge carb load here there’s some butter in there so there’s that to consider and of course the ranch dressing actually has a bit of a kick carb wise to drink I’m having a Cherry Coke Zero I do not like regular diet sodas generally but I actually really like the Cherry Coke Zero and the Pepsi the Diet Pepsi cherry so if you’re looking for a good soda substitute those two are the ones that I found that tasted the best so that’s it I hope you enjoyed this video of what I eat in a day on a diet type 2 diabetes diet if you are interested in seeing more of these go ahead and leave a comment down below or if you want to talk to me about your diabetes journey go ahead I love talking with you guys about that and where you’re at in your journey I will see you next time don’t forget to celebrate the every day and yeah helping say when wish when I celebrate today today celebrating getting through work honestly so I will see you next time bye you

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