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Only 2 Leaves Kill Diabetes

mayo 4, 2018

Betel leaf kills diabetes betta leaves contain many healing health benefits it is a unique plant with the numerous health benefits many people have been using it as a traditional help especially for those with diabetes beta leaf contains amazing substances like talus saponins and flavonoids it also has an anti diabetic compound it prevents the type 2 diabetes because offers anti-diabetic property trivalent chromium is essential element for maintaining normal blood sugar levels it is present in the bitter leaves which helps to prevent diabetes and help to reduce high blood sugar levels in diabetic patients experts have confirmed that beta leaf is one of the most efficient natural ways to fight diabetes many patients have been using this natural remedy for diabetes the patients can lower their high blood sugar levels not only it helps to treat type 2 diabetes it also helps to cure cough bronchitis bleeding gums bad breath abdominal pain and etc moreover it is a good calcium supplier consuming fresh bitter leaf directly is the best way to control diabetes and prevent many diseases you can also boil the leaves and drink the water bay leaves to reduce diabetes diabetes is a common problem all over the world it is common among everyone irrespective of their age most of the people are using English medicine to control diabetes which give only temporary relief so we have to change our life by eating quality food doing exercise and by avoiding junk foods you can reduce diabetes by doing this home remedy for this we need bay leaves now let’s start process take a pan with some water and allow it to boil for five minutes now [Music] add some bay leaves to boiling water [Music] and allow it to boil for another 10 more minutes after 10 minutes put off the flame and leave this for one to two hours after 3 hours take this water in a glass [Music] and drink two to three times in a day one hour before break fast one hour before lunch and again one hour before dinner do this regularly for three days and take a gap for two weeks and after two weeks repeat the same three times in a day for three days by doing this twice you can reduce diabetes this water regulates insulin production and controls diabetes it lowers bad cholesterol and prevents heart diseases it eliminates cancer causing ailments and promotes immune system by doing this you can control your high blood sugar levels basil leaves basil leaves is having so many medicinal values it enhances the secretion of insulin in our body it is a composition of antioxidant and essential oil that has so many diabetic properties take some water and boil them for 10 minutes now add few bacilli or Tolosa leaves to boiling water [Music] filter this into a glass [Music] mango leaves use mango leaves for managing diabetes it has got best a glyco ceramic activity these helps to reduce the intestinal absorption of glucose which lowers glucose level for this we need mango leaves water now let’s start the process take some water in a bowl have some fresh – washed mango leaves cut into pieces soak them in the water and leave it for overnight next day in the morning filter the water and have this water with empty stomach mango leaves acts as stimulant its regulates insulin level in blood it improves blood lipid profile neem leaves neem is beneficial for diabetes due to its anti hyperglycemic activity it lowers blood sugar levels it acts as blood purifier careless careless have many important minerals which activate beta cells of pancreas that are responsible for production of insulin curry leaves prevent the hereditary diabetes by using in daily routine and also good for diabetes due to obesity oak leaves to treat diabetes and obesity our plants are found everywhere in different species it beers bluish white flowers with Trani fruits how our cliffs can treat obesity and diabetes take two full leaves of a plant from the opposite side which is little rough place it on your feet sole and wait socks do the same with both the feet make sure that the leaves are touching your soles completely allow the leaves to stay there for whole day before going to sleep remove it and wash repeat the process with new leaves for a week after the week go for the blood sugar checkup scientific base of using arc leaves for diabetes every curious mind asks the question how it is good tea you must be getting curious to know how actually oak leaves helps to lower blood glucose according to an experiment done in rats they found that the leaves and the flowers were effective to lower down serum glucose the administration of leaf and flower extracts to step desoto sin induced diabetic rats showed a significant reduction and serum glucose levels it is concluded that two chloroform extracts of Cala trapeze began tea leaves and flowers have significant anti-diabetic activity precautions for or cliffs the mill causing from our cleaves or poisonous don’t allow it to go inside your eyes otherwise it can damage your sight if you were diabetic patient or fed up of unhealthy body then must give it a try take care and live well thank you for watching this video like and subscribe for more videos [

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